"Home is child´s first school & school is a second home"

The school follows the CBSE curriculum. At middle level core teaching subjects are English, Hindi, Math, Science, Soc.Science and Computer. Sanskrit is taught under Third Language Formula. At secondary level the core subjects are English, Hindi, Math, Science and Soc. Science. Computer is offered as an additional subject to enable the students to offer computer as an optional subject in science stream. The time table allows scope for co-curricular activities to be woven together with academics evaporating a child to grow at all levels ­ physically, mentally & emotionally.

Special class assemblies, which are theme-based (based on human values of tolerance, honesty compassion, concern for others, respect for others etc.) nurture the emotional aspect of the child, sensitizing him to the importance of growing up as a whole, balanced and beautiful individual. TPS follows a continuous & comprehensive system through out the year.