The Curriculum is designed to ensure the all-round development of each child. Students are encouraged to develop skills of reasoning, problem solving and creative writing, while learning the essential concepts of each subject. Special emphasis is the also laid on the development of positive attitude and healthy habits among students.

Foundation in reading, creative writing, recitation, art & craft, dance & music, Science & Math are established and strengthened in a caring and stimulating environment, where in the learning process is made positive and more meaningful. Students also participate in group work which encourages the development of co-operation and team participation and emulating real life situations.

Each child’s progress is closely monitored and regularly reported to parents, enabling them to work together in partnership with the school.

We follow the grading system for evaluation and assessment for all the subjects for classes I to V. This evaluation system is in a continuous and comprehensive form of examination. Teacher evaluations and assessment are continuous and ongoing. Students are assessed according to his / her own progress rather than in comparison with the class hance there is no ranking. Class I to V follow a well balanced academic curriculum with English, Hindi, EVS, Math as the core subjects and Computer (from class 2), G.K., Music, Dance, Art, Yoga, physical Education as essential and support subjects.