"Home is childĀ“s first school & school is a second home"

TPS being a young school, the alumni of the school is young too. TPS has formed a school alumni office to invite you to exlore the links on this site to maintain your ties with school alumni. Our hope is to provide you with information about current developments at school and to facilitate alumni re-unions and networking. School alumni office would be honoured to welcome you back to school and we hope that your time here will be pleasant and memorable. Though there have been many physical changes in the school premises, the memories are still here. As you stroll down memory lane, do give us an opportunity to share with you what we are today, as well as our hopes & plans for the future. The TPS alumni office would like to be your resource during your visit. It is open when school is in session between 08:00 am to 02:00 pm (Monday through Friday) and by appointment during vacation times. We encourage you to contact the TPS alumni office before you start your journey, should you need help with travel suggestions or hostel booking in school, please contact us on for any assistance.

TPS alumni office endeavours to:

- welcome visiting School Alumni. - organize alumni activities.
- facilitate special events requested by School Alumni.
- maintain an up-to-date online TPS alumni directory correspond regularly.
- facilitate and produce alumni publications.
- updating alumni on TPS news through a monthly E-Newsletter.

Please do visit the School Alumni office, sign out guest book, have a cup of coffee or tea and reminisce browse old year books, magazines and photographs of fellow alumni, find addresses of classmates and share any addresses you may have asked. For a guided tour at school campus, purchase TPS memorabilia such as books, cards and DVDs and get an idea of things to do and places to visit or shop in Alumni Guest House.